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Technology for performance that convinces in the trade.

Dräger MSI

Perfect measurement technology

Under the Dräger MSI brand, we have been developing products for exhaust gas analysis and climate and pressure measurement technology for almost 40 years. In the trade and industrial sectors, we aim to guarantee greater safety, convince through performance and inspire with the performance of Dräger technology. Our customers are experts in what they do - that's why we have to be too. What drives us here: Progressive thinking and the great passion to make the difference with our products. To this end, we put a zest for action and a lot of heart and soul into our development every day. Our customers can rest assured that they will only receive products from Dräger MSI that stand for innovation and often far exceed the required standards in their industry. They can sense that it is not enough for us to simply be good. We want to be better. A little more every day. We succeed in this mission because we think ahead as a team

Draeger. The history of the company

As an international leader in medical and safety technology, Dräger develops devices and solutions trusted around the world. After all, wherever Dräger products are used, the key is: It is about life.

Whether clinical or industrial applications, mining or emergency medical services: Dräger products protect, support and save lives. Anyone who develops technology for life must do more than guarantee excellent technology. They must accept responsibility. Responsibility for the people using and relying on this technology.

Here at Dräger we are aware of our responsibility and meet it anew every single day. "Technology for life" is both our motto and challenge. The apparent contradiction between technology and life creates an area of conflict we use as inspiration and motivation. Considering all the challenges we face every day we can always count on one thing — our four strengths: Customer proximity, employees, innovation and quality.

Trust through customer proximity

“Our thinking and actions focus on the customer. We can only develop and supply innovative products, services and solutions if we truly understand your needs."

(Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Board)

What do our customers need? What are their objectives? And how can we provide our customers with optimal support? The answers to these questions are the focus of our daily activity. Only those who truly know the needs and requirements of their customers can meet these objectives. That is why, here at Dräger, we rely on intensive dialogue. Firstly, constant communication ensures comprehensive insight into the areas where our products are used. Secondly, it provides us with ideas for new developments and improvements. The trust of our customers and the success of our products prove we understand what really matters: listening and understanding. We are proud of this.

A global team

Dräger has some 12,000 employees around the world with locations in over 190 countries. We rely on our skilled executives and employees in our growing globalisation. Our employees are characterised by a focus on customers, business-driven mentality and attitude, flexibility and an international attitude. Flat hierarchies, goal-oriented management, performance-based pay, regular corporate-wide employee surveys and continuous learning ensure a good working atmosphere. We offer our employees interesting professional duties and perspectives in many countries around the world along with the opportunity to work in international teams. Employee training and individual support is very important to us.

We are driven by innovation.

Research and development is our foundation to be able to play a pivotal role in continuing to shape our markets into the future. Only those with a solid foundation can quickly and positively keep up with new challenges – and indeed be a step ahead. Being innovative also means venturing and approaching the new with courage, curiosity and dedication.

Innovation through movement

Constant development and perfection is typical of the Dräger culture. Being receptive to something new and different keeps driving us to grow. And we never lose sight of our commitment: We do this for life. The special needs of the human body are often the impetus for pioneering developments in technology.

Valued employees

Our employees are the heart of our business. Their expertise, their dedication, their ingenuity and their ability to work in a team are pivotal to our success. Dräger offers space for thinking outside the box and attracts people seeking such space. Our work environment is characterised by decision-making authority and diverse opportunities for all to develop and be creative. Respect along with open and honest communication are some of the principles of our company.


Quality made by Dräger

Our products and their quality must be reliable at all times. We have adapted to this and far exceed the legal requirements. Our products do more – Quality made by Dräger. This quality is not only demonstrated by the above average service life and the functionality tailored to the user. It is also evident in our reliable pricing policy and our trouble-free worldwide service.