Small is the new big

Dräger FG4200 – XXL performance in XS size

Developers at Dräger MSI worked on the innovative FG4200 for a long time. But it was worth while: Every function is better thought-out, every step harmonises even more efficiently. Incorporating requests from the trade, the new flue gas analyser is considerably more compact and one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. Merely 20 cm long and weighing only 258 g, it’s the ideal companion for any service and maintenance task. The proven Dräger measurement precision and intuitive handling make the FG4200 perfect to work with. The powerful Li-Ion rechargeable batteries ensure an even longer runtime.

Glaringly sharp. The new Dräger full colour display.

The new premium colour touch screen makes it even quicker and easier to operate. The user interface contains suitable operating instructions for any application. The FG4200 also features the professional documentation options in the Dräger product family, including the Dräger PC software made just for it.

Every function is better thought-out, every step even more efficient.

Handy and compact: Every feature a test unit should offer is well-thought out in the Dräger FG4200. The flue gas analyser is the ideal tool for any service or maintenance on small and medium oil and gas furnaces. Flue gas, temperature and pressure measures capture all the key parameters of the combustion plant. The device can optionally be equipped with Bluetooth file transfer.

Visible quality. The Dräger PC software.

Whether it’s import and export functions, managing customers, plants or tests: The Dräger PC software features everything required for professional documentation. Saved data can easily be transferred to the PC Measurement and Customer Data Manager. For a proprietary image, the company logo and company address can be added to every measurement report. Measurements can then be output and documented right on site via IR printer.