New benchmarks you can feel

Presentation of the Dräger FG7000 on the exhibition SHK Essen, Germany.

This year´s exhibition SHK Essen, the most important branch meeting for contractors, decision-makers and practitioners in the northwest of Germany, was really magnificent.

This year we had something special. After we published our new flue gas measuring instrument we could present it on the SHK Essen first-time: The Dräger FG7000 could be tested by the visitors. And they did agree: The new, intuitive operating concept and the large coloured touchscreen simplifies the workflow.

Also the pluggable gas preconditioner, the new probe system und the combo-plug ensured a positive response. Last but not least they praised the comfortable operation: Just like smartphones, they are conveniently controlled with tap and swipe scroll lists, buttons, icons and windows. In addition they praised the tough but slight housing.

A lot of thanks to those who visited us at our exhibition stand. We were very pleased about all the exciting discussions, impressions and the positive response regarding our new Dräger FG7000.