A typical day with Sophia and Obih (2/4)

Obih works in planning software

Sophia studies the website

In the first part of our new trainee series, we introduced you to Sophia and Obih. The two told us how they came to Dräger MSI and what challenges they face in relation to the pandemic. Today, the two report on a typical day at Dräger MSI and how they work together - together as a team.

As an apprentice at Dräger MSI, it is very special when the two of them see each other, because due to block teaching, Sophia and Obih do not always see each other at the same time at the company site in Hagen. When they are at work together, they travel to work together because they both live in the same town, real team players!

On a typical day, they go to the production of the various measuring devices from Dräger MSI, such as the FG7500 or the P7-TDX. There, not only are the individual components "married" together, but some of them are also programmed.

"No two days are the same. I'm either assembling something, soldering, or even programming. It's like in the automotive industry, without software hardly anything works here," says Obih.

Exchange always takes place

For Sophia, too, the regular exchange with her colleague is very important:
"When we see each other, we always exchange the latest learning content. Especially the change between Lübeck and Hagen constantly brings new impulses for both of us."

A typical day is not a typical day at Dräger MSI, but is always filled with new tasks and learning content. Furthermore, the trainees at Dräger MSI also pass through various departments that contribute to their training. For example, Sophia and Obih are not only active in production, but also in the development department. There they learn, among other things, how to design and develop innovative products.

In the next part of our series, we will introduce you to the profession of electronics technician for systems and devices. Be curious!