How our logistics ensure a smooth process

At Dräger MSI, logistics is responsible for various processes in the supply chain, from procurement to production and distribution. But it does not stop there. Siegfried Maharam, Head of Logistics and always known as Sigi to his colleagues, is responsible not only for incoming goods/shipping but also for warehousing and purchasing. You need a pretty good overview and employees you can count on. A varied task, which our colleague Siegfried Maharam has. So it's high time to introduce our multitasking talent.

Editor: Sigi, you're already a veteran in our company's history, so to speak. How long have you been working for Dräger MSI?

Sigi: I started at Dräger MSI in Hagen back in 1990. At first I worked in production, where I calibrated exhaust gas measuring devices. But over the years I've always been able to show what I can do and so I've always been able to develop within the company.

Editor: But you're not there any more, right?

Sigi: Yes. After production, I went into design and quality management, where I was even able to get our first quality assurance system certified. Then I became the warehouse manager and in 2014 I became the head of logistics.

Editor: Not bad, you've had quite a varied career. Is there a typical day for you?

Sigi: Every day is individual! Most of the time I deal with materials management, because there is a lot to do in the areas of incoming goods/shipping, warehouse and purchasing. So in addition to the daily organisation, I also constantly have new challenges to master. I always try to work in a solution-oriented way, just like a real craftsman.

Editor: How did you actually come to Dräger MSI?

Sigi: Actually, I was in the middle of my studies and already had a family to look after. That's why I started looking for a job with prospects. After my brother-in-law told me about MSI - who was working there at the time - I applied without further ado and was accepted.

Editor: Do you have a particular experience that you like to remember?

Sigi: My best experience in the company was and is actually my personal development. I was really happy about the opportunity to start as head of logistics. From then on, with the new job, it was also a matter of managing employees and keeping an eye on the big picture.

Being able to work for Dräger MSI and Dräger fills me with particular pride. We create products to make life safer for people and to allow them to continue to participate in life. I am therefore looking forward to many more great years with the company.

Thank you very much for the interview!