The Dräger MSI measurement technology on the test bench

Calibration of a Dräger FG7500

DIN ISO 9001 guidelines

It is obvious that our measuring devices in the HVAC trade have to withstand special demands: whether in the boiler room, supply room or construction site, whether stored in the device case or in the glove compartment, whether handled with care or "robustly", whether summer or winter - our measuring technology has to go through and withstand a lot, withstand very different, sometimes extreme loads and still function quickly and precisely. Not only when it counts, but at best always.

You can rely on the measurement technology from Dräger MSI. The fact that we supply some of the most robust devices on the market is partly due to the high demands we place on ourselves. We want to provide our customers in the sanitation, heating and air conditioning trade with the best possible equipment. Best possible means: extremely durable, extremely reliable, extremely easy to operate. In order to live up to this claim, we consistently put not only the technology but also its manufacture to the test. This applies to new devices as well as to models that have been on the market for a long time.

Quality? At Dräger MSI we think ahead for SHK!

When it comes to quality management, in addition to the common standards and guidelines of DIN ISO 9001, we also rely on Dräger's special specifications for environmental protection, health and safety at work, which go far beyond the industry standards. This is where the historical responsibility of our brand becomes apparent: Those who manufacture technology for life, or for system-critical professions such as firefighting, medicine and also SHK, sometimes look a little more closely than other companies when it comes to safety.

This strict view of safety usually begins with the testing of the components that are installed in our technology. In addition to continuous comparison with our specifications and drawings, we also evaluate the quality that comes from our suppliers. For example, Dräger Quality Management not only looks at the quality of the material used for the plastic housings, but also at compliance with environmental protection guidelines. After all, the durability of our products should not be at the expense of the environment and health. The fact that the plastics we use are cleaner than required by the EU-wide REACH regulation is not only checked during product development, but also continuously monitored during production.

Looking beyond the development of our products is another reason for the high quality of Dräger measurement technology. It is not unusual for devices to be put through their paces in our test centre before they are launched on the market. During this step, we check whether all components function together and run reliably with regard to the software. We also check whether the device can withstand the realities of work. Accordingly, in our technical inspection and test centre, we not only evaluate the functionality of our measuring devices in moving test set-ups, we also examine their reliability and durability under physical stress.

Tested for what craftsmen in the SHK really need.

Precisely because every craftsman works differently, these tests are particularly important to us. After all, our measuring technology has to work, no matter whether it is stored carefully and organised in a case or literally "thrown" into the car during a particularly stressful working day - where it sometimes has to withstand temperature fluctuations of up to 60 degrees, for example when the sun heats up the device housing and the display through the windscreen. For our devices, this is everyday life. And this everyday life gives us important conclusions about the requirements that our SHK customers and not least we ourselves place on the technology of Dräger MSI.

Speaking of conclusions: Of course, the SHK profession can only be represented to a limited extent in a test laboratory. Especially since our equipment is in use far longer than we can test it. Nevertheless, in order to take everyday working life into account as comprehensively as possible, Dräger MSI quality management analyses all service requests from our customers. It is true that we strive to build our equipment in such a way that it remains free of damage and complaints. The fact that certain parts wear out in the long run, that a function in the device software can perhaps be optimised or that new interfaces for the connection to the digital workflow of the craftsman must be taken into account cannot be avoided in view of the long service life of our devices.

Even though we build our technology to last forever, we always welcome feedback from our customers in the trade. What sounds contradictory makes twofold sense in view of the high demands on the quality of Dräger measurement technology: Service cases are the best way for us to optimise our technology so that it functions reliably in everyday HVAC applications. And makes our customers' jobs easier - not only with regard to the use of our devices, but also with regard to the professionalism that Dräger customers demand every day!