The most beautiful experiences (4/4)

In the last few articles, we accompanied our apprentices Obih and Sophia with you. They told us how they came to Dräger MSI, what they find particularly exciting about their training and how they work as a team. Today, in the last part of our trainee series, the two tell us about their best experiences during their training.

Time flies by. Sophia and Obih agree on that. Sophia doesn't feel like she's already in her 4th year of apprenticeship and thus at the end of her training. All the more she likes to think about the wonderful experiences she had during her apprenticeship with Obih.

"My best experience was when we went on a team integration trip with the vocational school. We went to the Brodtener Steilufer on the Baltic Sea for two days. With a total of 85 trainees we were together for a week and had various activities, including the so-called "outdoor experience", i.e. hiking and spending the night under the open sky in Eversberg in the Sauerland. I was very impressed by the team spirit among the trainees," says Sophia.

In addition to the special and beautiful experiences during their training, the two also had a lot of fun on the joint trips to Lübeck.

For Obih, something very special has already been remembered: "We had a school project in Lübeck where the Dräger trainees built a playground together. A total of 75 fellow students were involved in the project and stamped a playground out of the ground in just one week. It was really nice and the children really enjoyed it."

By the way, you can check out what the trainees built for the children here:

The two look back on exciting days and of course have a few more ahead of them. We look forward to continuing to work with them and wish them all the best for the future.

Photo source Outdoor Experience: Johanna Artmann