Training contents of Sophia & Obih (3/4)

The trainee flat-share in Lübeck, where Sophia and Obih live.

Today we continue with our apprentice series and you will learn more about the contents of the apprenticeship "Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems". Obih and Sophia have given us some insights and told us which training topics they find particularly exciting.

Obih is now in his third year of training, while Sophia has almost completed her training. Nevertheless, the two regularly exchange ideas and Obih can also benefit from their knowledge.
The apprenticeship lasts 3 ½ years; those who are particularly diligent can even shorten it to 3 years.

The first year of the apprenticeship focuses on technology. Installations, pneumatics or even thematic projects are on the agenda here. The apprentices spend the first year of their apprenticeship at the Group location in Lübeck, where block teaching also takes place. For Sophia, it was a particularly exciting experience, as she proudly tells us: "It was all very exciting for me to move to another city to live there. You become independent very quickly and it also had a great impact on me personally."

In the second year, the two then spend their training in Hagen in the regular way. Here they also change to various departments in order to be able to receive flexible training, such as production or development. This way they will get to know the processes in the company and experience the cooperation better. Obih likes it and says: "From the second year on, you are no longer isolated and know the processes between Lübeck and Hagen. I especially enjoy the alternating lessons, so you always see new people.

The third year is the same as the second year. However, our two apprentices experience their everyday working life much more intensively and they gain an ever deeper insight into the structures and processes within the company. The two are also involved in a wide range of subjects at vocational school, including economic policy, English and communication.

The fourth year is dominated by the second final examination. Here they prepare for the end of their training. Again, it is something completely different, Sophie tells us:
"You don't prepare for a final exam in the classic way, but also present a project you've been following, among other things. The final exam is then written and oral."

Next time, the two will tell you about their best moments and what they particularly appreciate about their training.

PS: At Dräger, every trainee is guaranteed a job.