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Measurement technology must be simple - and yield accurate results. This is why our Dräger MSI measurement devices for flue gas measurement and analysis provide a real plus in simplicity for every heating system. Effective measurement in heating systems also demands a high degree of precision and reliability in a device. So it is good to know that every flue gas measurement device meets the demand for precision thanks to its proven Dräger MSI sensors. Uncompromising professionals, compact devices boasting XXL performance. 100% reliable. Quality that sells itself.

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Flue gas measurement devices by Dräger MSI stand for safety in the day-to-day work of specialist tradesmen and chimneysweeps. During combustion, flue gases develop which contain such components as CO2, CO, NO, and soot particles. These can only be contained if the existing systems function flawlessly. Our devices help make processes that cause hazardous gases more efficient, thus reducing emissions. From coefficient of performance to complete plant optimisation, all the way to comprehensive measurement and customer data management, our flue gas measurement devices cover the entire measurement and documentation range in process and flue gas analysis.

Experience the full range of applications. For service and maintenance work, our professional Dräger FG4200 device is the perfect companion. Under the motto ‘big things come in small packages’, the lightweight, convenient flue gas measurement device boasts impressive XXL performance, including the tried-and-true Dräger measurement precision. Your electronic measurement device for gas concentration measurement VARIOx-2 sets energy-saving combustion optimisation in motion, enabling you to easily carry out short-term measurements of emissions and assess limits. Together with insertable gas preparation cartridges, the Dräger FG 7500 flue gas measurement device guarantees, with its intelligent probe system and combination outlet, that you can carry out even faster measurements in heating systems. Become acquainted with our professional devices and let us win you over.

Successful measurement, easy operation

To make flue gas measurement easy for anyone, ease of operation tops the list of requirements. A modern, high-resolution colour touchscreen makes operation and menu use extra clear - you quickly have an overview of all data and measurements. The intelligent swipe function lets you move back and forth between the individual displays - even during the measurement process - with a simple finger movement. This lets you maintain a perfect overview. Optimal ergonomics for faster, more comfortable measurements. Your measurement instrument is both light as a feather and particularly robust. When push comes to shove, the flue gas measurement device can stand the test.

New standards for flue gas measurement

We always remain one step ahead in the development of our flue gas measurement devices, so our measurement instruments offer functions that go beyond what is standard. Of course, our measurement devices meet all relevant statutory requirements. Indeed, it is our objective and our claim to not only fulfil statutory specifications and standards in flue gas analysis, but to outdo ourselves with the performance of our measurement devices. During their construction, in addition to technical sophistication, 30 years of experience in the field of measurement technology plays a role. State-of-the-art technology combined with constant, continuous development of know-how. We apply new, higher standards in measurement technology that simply make your work that much more efficient.

App Dräger mCon

This new app supports the full mobility of measurement data handling. The new flue gas and leak measurement devices of Dräger MSI GmbH are supported. Up-to-the-minute measurement data are displayed online and can immediately be included in a measurement report. The measurement report can be completed with customer data, comments and photos and forwarded as a PDF by email or via a cloud. Thus, you achieve optimal efficiency in the mobile processing of measurement reports.

Alternatively, measurements stored in your measurement device can be copied, processed further, and sent in the same way.
Rational batch processing for cloud data transfer always allows easy, efficient work. Customer data can be imported or filed in the app.

To the Dräger mCon app

Advancement lies in the details

What differentiates Dräger MSI flue gas measurement devices from other comparable measurement devices - what makes them better? It may not be the obvious things that make our measurement instruments for flue gas measurement and analysis stand out from all the others. But it surely is the intelligent details that make our devices perform that much better. The technical finesse includes pre-installed operating instructions on the measurement devices that offer you suggested solutions and detailed information in response to your questions. Additionally, with a Dräger MSI flue gas measurement device, you have intelligent documentation options thanks to the relevant Dräger PC software. In the flick of a wrist, you can transfer stored data in the PC measurement and customer data administration and easily print out measurement results via an on site IR printer. Secure, simple, efficient.