Flue gas analyser for service and maintenance work

Here you will find XXL performance in a handy, compact size with a light weight of only 258 g. The proven Dräger measurement precision and intuitive handling make the Dräger FG4200 the ideal companion.


Intuitive control coupled with maximum measuring convenience: Every function is better thought-out, every step even more efficient. It’s the details that set the Dräger FG4200 apart. A premium colour touch screen making it even quicker and easier to use. The loaded operating instructions for any Dräger FG4200 application. And let’s not forget the professional documentation options made so simple with the Dräger PC software.



  • Gas inlet
  • Probe connection
  • USB port


  • Charge indicator
  • Infrared transmitter

Product advantages

XXL performance in XS size

The Dräger FG4200 is considerably more compact and one of the smallest and lightest flue gas analysers on the market.

Service and maintenance work

Everything an analyser should offer according to general requirements, the Dräger FG4200 has in store. The flue gas analyser offers various applications required for service and maintenance of small and medium oil and gas furnaces. Flue gas, temperature and pressure measures capture all the key parameters of the combustion plant. The device is optionally available with Bluetooth data transfer.

High resolution colour touch screen

The Dräger FG4200 is operated via touch screen display. Tap or swipe the screen with your finger or a stylus. Menus and lists can be e.g. swiped up and down to move them.

Loaded operating instruction

The built-in operating instructions provides help on operating the device through instructions, suggested solutions and additional information.

Professional documentation options

Whether it’s import and export functions, customer, system or inspector management – the Dräger PC software features everything required for professional documentation. Saved data can easily be transferred from the Dräger FG4200 to the PC measurement and customer data manager. For a proprietary image, the company logo and company address can be added to every measurement report. For on the spot documentation, measurements are output directly via IR printer.

Practical equipment bag

The equipment bag stores all accessories for the Dräger FG4200. The bag is extremely light and handy, yet very robust and suitable for everyday work.



Dräger instruments comply with all regulations.



with sales and service organisations worldwide.


Years of experience

in measurement technology.

Downloads / Technical Specifications

PDF-Haenderseite-2Operating Instructions

(pdf, 0,8 MB)

PDF-Haenderseite-2Product Information

(pdf, 0,3 MB)

Your product in a measuring kit

Our analysers are also available as a kit with accessories inside a practical case.

Messpaket Draeger FG4200

The measuring kit Dräger FG4200 includes:

  • Dräger FG4200 Flue Gas Analyser
  • USB power supply
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Flue gas probe
  • Bumper set
  • Software
  • Equipment bag

Part No.: 56 03 061

Messpaket FG4200 mit Drucker

The measuring kit Dräger FG4200 with printer includes:

  • Dräger FG4200 Flue Gas Analyser
  • USB power supply
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Flue gas probe
  • Bumper set
  • Software
  • Equipment bag
  • MSI IR3 Infrared printer

Part No.: 56 03 068

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