Pressure, leak and leak rate measurement

The gas field entails many dangers and requires maximum safety. This industry has a corresponding number of test standards. Play it safe with the Dräger P7 – thanks to proven Dräger precision.


Suitability testing according to DVGW TRGI 2018
The Dräger P7 measures leak rates at top speeds – without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. Merely connect the single hose connection to the gas fitting to start measuring. The auto-start option is an important tool for leaks in small systems with a rapid pressure drop.



  • Pressure inlet (-)
  • Pressure inlet (+)
  • Pressure inlet for 3 bar sensor
  • Gas inlet
  • USB port


  • Gas outlet
  • LED and infrared transmitter

Product advantages

Tough housing

The device features a shock and impact resistant housing which won’t let you down, even in rough conditions.

Testing gas and water lines

The Dräger P7 tests gas lines. Drinking water installations are tested with air at up to 3 bar. The device quickly handles water line measurements since it automatically calculates the measuring time based on the selected volume. Measures pressure up to 3 bar.

Leak testing per DVGW TRGI 2018

The Dräger P7 quickly and accurately detects leaks in new or existing circuits. And leak testing is entirely automated.

Loading test according to DVGW TRGI 2018

The Dräger P7 shows changes in pressure during the loading test. It further performs the loading test with air on gas lines (mean pressure) at up to 3 bar.


Measurements can be saved and transferred to the PC or documented on site via infrared printer. Documentation is available as a table or chart.



Dräger instruments comply with all regulations.



with sales and service organisations worldwide.


Years of experience

in measurement technology.

Downloads / Technical Specifications

PDF-Haenderseite-2Operating Instructions

(pdf, 0,8 MB)

PDF-Haenderseite-2Product Information

(pdf, 0,3 MB)

Your product in a measuring kit

Our analysers are also available as a kit with accessories inside a practical case.

The basic measuring kit includes:

  • Dräger P7 Pressure and Leak Tester
  • Mains charger
  • Burner pressure hose
  • Equipment case Standard

Part No.: 56 03 071

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