Pressure measurement devices for your success

Easily tracing leaks, measuring easily and efficiently

Measurement technology that optimally supports your daily work and supports you in pressure, leak, and leak rate measurement thanks to intelligent features - all offered by the professional devices of Dräger. Our reliable complete package for all relevant tests of gas and water pipelines are a real plus for you when it comes to precision and efficiency. Absolutely reliable. Outstanding performance.

We know what matters when it comes to pressure measurement and leak testing. That is why we have constructed device portfolios that cover many areas of application and specialities. Pressure and leak testing are often carried out over an extended period. With the leak testing devices of Dräger, you have the perfect equipment at your disposal. From 5 minutes or up to 48 hours - you can carry out long-term measurements with no problems. Efficiency for every measurement

Your advantages with a device by Dräger MSI

Testing and measurement at top speed

Simple, intuitive operation

Shock and impact proof housing (P7 series)

Stress-free annual service

Numerous features, versatile use: Our leak testing devices

One leak testing device - everything under control. Testing of water and gas pipelines and sewage and drinking water system measurements are child’s play. Whether you are checking for leaks, load or the serviceability of gas pipelines - with our professional devices, you never miss a beat. For example, you can carry out abridged leak tests if an immediate serviceability test is not requested, in which the leak quantity is also determined. Particularly in gas systems, leak testing requires a high degree of safety. There are many inspection standards that are securely covered with our measurement devices. Dräger measurement devices cover the entire measurement and documentation programme for pressure and leak measurements. For your success in every area.


Leak testing: Easiest operation, most secure results

Our allrounders for pressure and leak testing are easy to use thanks to simple and intuitive operation. Just like with a smartphone, your leak testing device is operated through a colour touchscreen. This guarantees not only comfortable use but also professional documentation options. Easy operation, ergonomically responsible. Your pressure testing devices must be tough. Thanks to the top quality, impact-resistant housing, our measurement devices are extremely tough and robust. So, you can count on a long lifespan for your measurement instruments. Hard shell, technically innovative core.

The best of the best - for the latest standards in measurement technology.

Our devices for pressure and leak testing work hand in hand with you. We have designed them such that they optimally support your work, making it easier and more efficient. Of course, our measurement instruments meet all the statutory specifications and are approved for leak testing according to DVGW TRGI 2018, load testing according to DVGW TRGI 2018, and drinking water installation testing with water according to DIN EN 806. For you, this means 100% security. Additionally, besides unbeatable technology, your leak testing device represents a wealth of experience gained from 30 years of measurement technology. We have worked side by side with industry and skilled crafts and trades for years and years. For your optimal solution.

App Dräger mCon

This new app supports the full mobility of measurement data handling. The new flue gas and leak measurement devices of Dräger MSI GmbH are supported. Up-to-the-minute measurement data are displayed online and can immediately be included in a measurement report. The measurement report can be completed with customer data, comments and photos and forwarded as a PDF by email or via a cloud. Thus, you achieve optimal efficiency in the mobile processing of measurement reports.

Alternatively, measurements stored in your measurement device can be copied, processed further, and sent in the same way.
Rational batch processing for cloud data transfer always allows easy, efficient work. Customer data can be imported or filed in the app.

To the Dräger mCon app

Details that make the subtle difference

Optimal technology interpreted with state-of-the-art features. Our leak testing devices stand out on the basis of their intelligent Bluetooth capacity as well as a uniquely integrated help function that answers your questions, suggests solutions and supplies you with additional useful information. Your leak testing device Dräger P7-TDX also has a pressure monitor to keep an eye out for exceptional pressure situations. Additionally, the professional documentation is easy to understand, along with the associated PC software. Professional measurement knows no boundaries. With our measurement instruments, you are always flexible - because you can expand the system with additional accessories according to your needs. With the practical, tough, impact-proof equipment case, you transport your device safely and securely. The intelligent optional infrared printer lets you immediately document all values and results. Many of our devices also have high pressure sensors or connections for external sensors. Everything you need for the best measurements according to your requirements.

Take advantage of the advances in measurement technology

Whatever you need for efficient leak testing - you will find it here. Find out which of tomorrow’s features and performance characteristics are available to you today, to make your work easier and more efficient. Together, we will find the best device solution for your work. Because our goal is that you are satisfied with your solution, we do our best every day. Both during the construction and continued development of new state-of-the-art pressure measurement devices and during comprehensive after-sales support. Thanks to our comprehensive, worldwide service network, you and your devices are ready to go, anywhere and anytime. Do you have questions about our measurement technology, or would you like to know more about your new leak testing device? Simply contact us.