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Experience Dräger products

The videos show various applications. For example, they show how to perform suitability testing per TRGI G600 with the Dräger P7-TS or how to correctly measure flue gas with the Dräger EM200plus.

Experience how easy the different tests are with Dräger test units.

Dräger FG4200 and Dräger P4000

Twice as great

The best devices for any application – expect nothing less from Dräger. And the new FG4200 and the P4000 are the perfect offer straight from the start.

Dräger FG4200 für die Abgasmessung

Dräger FG4200

The different functions have been redesigned on the FG4200 and all steps aligned even more efficiently. Incorporating requests from the trade, the new for flue gas analyser is extremely compact and one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. Merely 20 cm long and weighing only 258 g, it’s the ideal companion for any service and maintenance task. The proven Dräger measurement precision and intuitive handling make the FG4200 perfect to work with. The powerful Li-Ion rechargeable batteries ensure an even longer runtime.

Dräger P4000

The P4000 in turn is the first thinking pressure tester. It features various measuring programs with default parameters for common tests. The P4000 also features an incredibly light weight and a slim design. The colour touch screen ensures intuitive device operation. Scrolling up and down makes the menu particularly easy for the user to navigate. The alphanumeric input allows you to record promptly names and values without complex navigation.

Quickly ticked with the Dräger P7-TS

With the patented MSI comparison leak rate method, suitability testing is quickly ticked. Leak rate measurement is completely accurately and extremely quick. Without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. Simply connect the single hose connection to the gas fitting, start the measurement process, finished! So you can offer suitability testing as part of servicing without adding complexity.

Tough - Dräger EM200plus

The Dräger EM200plus is just as reliable as the rest of the Dräger EM200 series, even in rough conditions. Equipped with shock and impact resistant housing.

In addition to maintenance and service on gas, oil and solid fuel furnaces, the Dräger EM200plus will perform TÜV-certified averaging measurement. Suitability testing to TRGI 2018 is also semi-automatic.

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