Combustion analyzers for professionals

More efficient flue gas measurement in heating systems and plants

Regular servicing with the right combustion analyzer makes sure heating systems and industrial plants run efficiently with lowest possible emissions. The used measurement technology must be simple - and yield accurate results.

The professional Dräger MSI combustion analyzers quickly provide precise measured values such as CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, O2, temperature, pressure and flow velocity. The result: Fast and reliable inspection and optimum adjustment of heating systems, industrial engines, combined heat and power plants, gas turbines, boiler systems.

Your benefits with Dräger MSI combustion analyzers:

  • Fast measurement with high precision
  • 100 % reliability - Concise, large colour touchscreens with high contrast
  • Easy operation with clear menu use
  • Various flexible areas of application
  • Convenient evaluation with PC or app
  • Wireless, with long battery life
  • Lightweight, robust, compact devices

Additionally, you can rely on a worldwide comprehensive service network and stress-free annual maintenance of your Dräger MSI combustion analyzer.

Your advantages with a device by Dräger MSI

Top reliability

Worldwide, comprehensive
 Service network

Fast measurement of flue gases in every heating system

Stress-free annual service

Why precise combustion analysis is so important

Flue gases developing during combustion contain components as CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, and soot particles. These can only be contained if the existing systems function flawlessly. So, the combustion analyzers by Dräger MSI stand for precision and reliability in all measurement and documentation tasks.

Your benefits:

  • Processes that cause hazardous gases run more efficient.
  • Emissions are reduced.
  • Heating specialists and environmental inspectors can rely on safety and precision in their day-to-day work.

One step ahead with Dräger MSI combustion analyzers

Dräger MSI always remains one step ahead in the development of combustion analyzers: Our measurement instruments offer functions beyond standard.

State-of-the-art technology combined with 30 years of experience in the field of measurement technology and constant, continuous development of know-how. That simply makes your work that much more efficient.

Why combustion analyzers from Dräger MSI?

We may be biased – but we’re convinced that the Dräger MSI combustion analyzers perform better than comparable measurement devices.

Why? It’s the small things:

  • Pre-installed operating instructions on the measurement devices with suggested solutions and detailed information in response to questions
  • Intelligent documentation options thanks to the relevant Dräger PC software
  • Transfer of stored data in the PC measurement and customer data administration in the flick of a wrist
  • Easy print of measurement results via on site protcol printers

App Dräger mCon

This new app supports the full mobility of measurement data handling. The new flue gas and leak measurement devices of Dräger MSI GmbH are supported. Up-to-the-minute measurement data are displayed online and can immediately be included in a measurement report. The measurement report can be completed with customer data, comments and photos and forwarded as a PDF by email or via a cloud. Thus, you achieve optimal efficiency in the mobile processing of measurement reports.

Alternatively, measurements stored in your measurement device can be copied, processed further, and sent in the same way.
Rational batch processing for cloud data transfer always allows easy, efficient work. Customer data can be imported or filed in the app.

To the Dräger mCon app

Advancement lies in the details

What differentiates Dräger MSI flue gas measurement devices from other comparable measurement devices - what makes them better? It may not be the obvious things that make our measurement instruments for flue gas measurement and analysis stand out from all the others. But it surely is the intelligent details that make our devices perform that much better. The technical finesse includes pre-installed operating instructions on the measurement devices that offer you suggested solutions and detailed information in response to your questions. Additionally, with a Dräger MSI flue gas measurement device, you have intelligent documentation options thanks to the relevant Dräger PC software. In the flick of a wrist, you can transfer stored data in the PC measurement and customer data administration and easily print out measurement results via an on site IR printer. Secure, simple, efficient.