Exhaust gas measuring device EM200plus-E

Safe underground measurements

Dräger products for the mining industry

The Dräger EM200plus-E is an electronic multi-channel measuring device with integrated sample gas pump. It accurately determines the CO and NOx content in undiluted exhaust gases from diesel engines. The internal absolute pressure sensor enables immediate use without prior calibration in underground mining.

When miners enter the shaft, they must be confident that everything humanly possible has been done for their safety. This safety philosophy has been proven all over the world under the most difficult operating conditions. The Dräger EM200-E measuring device is based on the same safety concept, using reliable technologies.

  • Easy to use with a clear menu structure

  • Intuitive operation

  • Robust technology


The device features a shock and impact resistant housing which won’t let you down, even under challenging conditions.

The USB for PC interface offers the option of transferring the saved results to a PC.

The EM200plus-E is particularly easy to operate thanks to its clear menu structure.

Product benefits:

The Dräger EM200plus-E has an impact and shockproof body. Easy handling and an excellent technology allow precise and fast results of measurement. The high power battery affords a high operating time of typically ten hours.

One multigas analysis instrument to be used for precise testing of diesel engines in underground mining applications: regulation compliance (in some countries maximum emissions from engines are regulated to be able to set ventilation rates), health risk (a build up of these gases can be dangerous to individuals; CO, NO and NO2 have regulated exposure concentrations), operating costs (increases in CO/NOx output can indicate a problem with the engine or the scrubbers resulting in reduced fuel efficiency), reduce downtime (using these values as pre-indicator for engine breakdowns can enable preventive maintenance instead of reactive measures and loss of production).

Saved data can be locally documented or transferred to the PC.

An internal pressure sensor automatically compensates ambient pressure influences in different depths. Therefore engines do not have to go to the workshop as a “fixed” testing area. The Dräger EM200plus-E comes to the engine. No matter where it is located: 4,000 m below or 4,000 m above sea level.

Your product in a measurement package

Our measurement devices are also available as a package together with all accessories in a practical case.

Delivery scope Dräger:

  • Flue gas measurement device Dräger EM200plus-E 

  • Gas processing cartridge

  • USB cable 

  • PC software 

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