Industrial measuring devices from Dräger MSI

For more safety and optimised processes

Unnoticed malfunctions in industrial plants such as leaks or deviations in pressure and exhaust gas values lead to:

  • inefficient processes with increased costs
  • in the worst case, even pose a health risk.

You have it in your hands! With the measuring devices from Dräger MSI for testing and monitoring in industrial operations. The expert tools are:

  • optimised for the requirements and parameters of large production plants 
  • safe and convenient to use
  • and guarantee precise and reliable results.

With regular maintenance, you prevent equipment malfunctions and downtime. At the same time, you comply with legal regulations such as those from the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) or the Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV).

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Performance spectrum

Dräger measuring devices are in use day after day in the sanitary/heating/air-conditioning sector, in the health service or rescue service - thousands of times and for decades.

With the special industrial tools, these reliable and precise measurements are also possible in the industrial environment - and secure and support production and the people in the company. You can rely on that.

  • Checking piping systems and compressed gas plants for pressure and tightness: for safety in daily work and cost savings through minimised losses.
  • Measurement of important parameters such as temperature, flow velocity, CO or CO2 in the exhaust gases of industrial plants: this improves production processes through optimised combustion and saves energy and costs.
  • Determination of flammable gases even in hard-to-reach places - as quickly as possible with visual and acoustic alarm. For the safety of companies and people.


The industrial measuring instruments from Dräger

Gas pressure systems:

Measurement of pressures up to 400 bar

With the PX4500-i you can quickly and reliably determine incorrect pressure settings and leaks in lines and systems. The professional Dräger tool measures pressures up to 400 bar.


  • Manually and program-controlled testing of gas lines, installations and connections for pressure, tightness and strength
  • Intuitive software including Dräger mCon app for clear and understandable results as well as easy digital measurement data management.
  • Compact, robust and always ready for use thanks to quick charge function

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Gas and water pipes:

Testing for leaks, loads and serviceability

The P7-TDX is the all-rounder among the industrial measuring instruments from Dräger MSI: With this professional tool you can carry out all tests on both gas and water pipes.

  • A compact device for all types of measurements and tests: Leakage, loads and serviceability
  • Automatic programmes for important and legally required tests
  • DVGW-approved
  • Includes Dräger mCon app for clear, understandable results and easy digital measurement data management

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Industrial exhaust gas analysis:

Key figures for the efficiency of combustion processes

Exhaust gas parameters provide important key figures for the efficiency of combustion processes or drives. The industrial measuring device EM200plus-i from Dräger MSI guarantees exhaust gas analysis at professional level.


  • Precise measurements of exhaust gas temperature, oxygen/NO/CO/CO2 content or flow velocities.
  • Important data determination for efficiency calculation and plant optimization
  • High-resolution colour touch screen for intuitive operation and detailed display of data and results
  • One compact device for a wide range of parameters

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CO₂ measurement in industrial waste gases:

Find faults, optimise combustion, save energy.

With the VARIOx-2 industrial measuring device you can determine the concentration of CO2 in waste gases easily and precisely. For troubleshooting and monitoring limit values, optimising combustion and saving energy in industrial processes.

  • Ergonomic housing design for safe handling in daily use
  • Economical due to long-life sensors
  • Compact and convenient thanks to integrated pump

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Industrial plants:

Detect gas leaks quickly and safely

The GS3 from Dräger MSI is a handy and compact professional tool that precisely detects even the smallest concentrations of combustible gases. This allows you to react immediately and professionally even if you suspect a gas leak.

  • Only as big as a biro - reaches even narrow and inaccessible places
  • Detects even the smallest leaks of flammable gases such as methane, propane or hydrogen even in hidden places
  • Optical and acoustic warning signals for precise leakage detection provide safety and reliability

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Your advantages with a device from Dräger MSI

High reliability

Worldwide comprehensive service network


Quick measurement of the exhaust gases on every heater


Stress-free annual maintenance


Over 40 years of experience

For over 40 years, we at Dräger MSI have been developing instruments for the precise measurement, testing and analysis of gases, pressure and other parameters. For just as long, experts have relied on the values of Dräger measuring devices in their daily work.

With the series of tools specifically for industrial use, Dräger measuring devices set the standard in the field of large production plants: with compact and durable devices that accompany professionals in industrial plants as reliably and accurately as professionals can expect.


The Dräger tools for professionals in industrial measurement and testing provide precise and reliable values on

  • pressure and tightness of pipes and compressed gas systems
  • important exhaust gas parameters
  • Locate gas leaks

Keep important values in production plants under control: with the industrial measuring devices from Dräger MSI.

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