Dräger MSI GmbH to discontinue business activities at the end of 2024

The company is exiting the fossil flue gas analysis business and will close the site in Hagen by the end of this year, 2024. Our customers will continue to receive spare parts and service under warranty.

We will no longer accept new orders with immediate effect. Our customers will be informed personally about the next steps. Thank you for your many years of trusting cooperation.

Find more information in our Press release.

Attuned to your requirements

As a sanitary, heating, and air conditioning professional, you need more than only measurement technology that can be operated quickly and easily and stands up to daily usage. You need technology that helps you achieve dependable results.

FOR HVAC businesses

Industrial pressure measurements require tailor made measurement devices. We supply you with the right measurement technology, including for high pressure and special requirements.


Used from cellar to roof

With Dräger measurement devices, you are optimally equipped for measuring flue gas, pressure, and leaks. Here you will find an overview of all the uses of our professional measurement technology.

Leak testing of heating pipelines

Leak testing of heating pipelines / radiators / solar systems / underfloor heating

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

4 Pascal measurement

Dräger FG7500

Load testing of gas pipelines

Dräger PX4500 / P7-TDX

Detecting gas leaks

Dräger GS3

Load testing of gas pipelines

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

Serviceability testing of gas pipelines

Dräger P7-TDX

Leak testing of tanks

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

Setting flow pressure / burner pressure

Dräger PX4500 / P7-TDX / P3 / FG7500

Chimney draft measurement

Dräger P3 / FG4500 / FG7500

Emission measurement / flue gas analysis

Dräger FG4500 / FG7500

Leak testing of heating pipelines / radiators / solar systems / underfloor heating

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

Leak testing of sewage pipes

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500

Leak testing of heating pipelines / radiators / solar systems / underfloor heating

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

Leak and load testing of drinking water pipelines

Dräger P7-TDX / PX4500 / FG7500

Further information


We put a lot of heart and soul into our measuring devices so that we can provide you with the best. To ensure that you are always on the safe side, we offer you an extended warranty on certain parts under certain conditions in addition to the warranty.




Whether you are testing gas and water pipes, pressurised pipes in general or heating systems, tests should always be safe, quick and easy to carry out. We offer you a range of measuring devices that are precisely tailored to your requirements.




In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about software and hardware, service and avoidable errors. If you have general questions about the tests, you will find many answers in our "Application knowledge" section.