Dräger mCon

Intelligent measurement data management

Dräger mCon

Intelligent measurement data management

Take your measurements wherever you go! With our Dräger mCon app, your office is always with you, so it’s always easy to manage your measurement data. Simply download, free of charge, from the app store or Google Play, and start it digitally.


One app for everything. With the Dräger mCon, you can manage all the measurement data of your various Dräger measurement devices that are equipped with Bluetooth LE. These are the current products: FG7xxx, FG4200 (optional), P7-TD/TDX and P4000 (optional).

By storing the measurement and customer data in your smartphone or tablet, you always have all the important data with you. You can copy your contacts from the end unit in the app and then easily transfer these to your measurement device.

For the transmission of your data, e.g., as a PDF measurement report, you can enter your tester data, your email address, a standard text and your company logo.

Once the measurement data are transferred from your measurement device to the app, you can also easily add comments and pictures of the measurement site.

After measurement, you can now send the measurement results as a PDF file or a measurement report to your office or directly to customers. This is easy to do by email or in an upload to your existing cloud.


Update Android 11

This is what you have to observe for the Dräger mCon app after the update.

After an update to Android 11, your measurement data can no longer be found in the Dräger mCon app. If this is the case, you just have to copy your old database into the new database folder. So that nothing can go wrong, we have prepared a small guide for you.

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