X-plore® 1310

Proven comfort with maximal safety.

The Dräger X-plore® 1310 combines proven, classic comfort with intelligent, innovative ideas offering ease of use and a high degree of wearing comfort and safety.

  • CoolSAFE Filter material
  • VarioFLEXTM Head band with EasyStop
  • Pre-shaped mask body

Everything closed

Secure seal in the nose area

In addition to the filter performance of the material, a closer fit without leaks is decisive when it comes to the protective function of a mask. The Dräger X-plore® 1310 combines the ergonomic shape of the mask body with internal padding and external nose cone, resulting in an optimal seal, particularly in the critical nose area. Wearers of protective goggles are particularly pleased because it prevents fogging of the goggles.


Thanks to EasyStop, the tightness and length of the band can be easily adjusted. This ensures safe and optimal fit.

Comfortable to wear: The inside is skin-friendly, maintaining wearing comfort even during long use.

Secure seal in the nose area: All masks are equipped with internal padding. It is perspiration-absorbent, is comfortably soft during wear, and ensures a close fit over the nose.

Performance with a difference: Special high performance filter media are combined with CoolSAFETM filter material, offering the wearer two important advantages - low respiratory resistance and high filter performance. Additionally, the special requirements of the Dolomite particle test are met.

Product description

The Dräger X-plore® 1310 is the modern generation of pre-formed particle-filtering half masks for effective protection against fine particles, both solid and liquid, during dusty work.

Easy to put on and take off along with a pressure-free fit. The continuous and tearproof comfortable fabric band with intelligent unlimited stretch and practical, individual adjustment thanks to EasyStop ensures easy handling and secure, snug fit.

Classic, ergonomically stable: The special shape of the mask body provides secure, comfortable fit for all possible face shapes. The masks are easy to put on and take off. The spacious inside space ensures wearing comfort and does not interfere with speech. The reinforced construction keeps the mask shape stable even during extended wear.