Dräger GS3

Leak detection

The Dräger GS3 is a handy leakage detector for combustible gases, including hydrogen (sensitivity < 100 ppm).

  • Maximal safety with minimum size
  • Rapid leak detection
  • Always ready
  • Maintenance-free

Leak detector the size of a pen

The leak detector is as small as a pen, ensuring convenient handling. Leaks can also easily be detected in hard to access areas. The size ensures you can have the Dräger GS3 handy at all times and can, for example, conveniently stored in a shirt pocket.

Product description

The handy Dräger GS3 is quick to respond to flammable gases such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, propane, or butane. Even the smallest leaks are dependably traced. With the function ‘zero’, rising gas concentrations can also be pinpointed. In case of dropping gas concentrations, the zero point is automatically added. In addition to pipelines, this also allows containers and closed circuits to be tested for leaks.

Each time it is restarted, the GS3 calibrates itself. So, it requires no maintenance work.

It has the size of a pen and is equipped with the latest technology, the GS3 fits into the durable belt pouch that comes with it.

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Your product with accessories

You receive our GS3 with practical accessories

The Dräger GS3 package contains:

  • Leak detector Dräger GS3
  • Belt bag
  • Batteries

Item No.: 56 01 000