Pressure, leak and leak rate measurement

Quicker, better, easier. Our high-performance leak tester Dräger P7-TD is the intelligent, complete package for relevant and statutorily required tests. The professional device performs relevant tests on gas and water pipelines, carrying out leak rate measurements at top speeds – without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. The clear design of the colour touchscreen ensures intuitive and amazingly easy operation. Also included: The integrated help function, the inclusion of Bluetooth as standard, the shock and impact-proof housing as well as professional documentation with Dräger PC software make your measurements easier, more reliable and more efficient.

  • Equipped with Bluetooth LE as standard
  • Shock and impact proof housing
  • Mobile measurement data management via the Dräger mCon app  
  • DVGW-approved

All measurements in a single device:

Whether load testing, testing for leaks or conducting serviceability tests for gas pipelines pursuant to TRGI 2018 – your Dräger P7-TD takes measurements with reliability and without making compromises.


Thanks to its robust housing, the Dräger P7-TD has no problem with challenging conditions of use.

The Dräger P7-TD is equipped with Bluetooth LE as standard. The free Dräger mCon app can also be used for mobile measurement data management.

The clearly structured menu maintains clarity and facilitates easy operation of the device. Operation is possible through the touchscreen or with the keys.

The serviceability test is certified according to DVGW G 5952.

Product description

The Dräger P7-TDX measures leak rates at top speeds – without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. Merely connect the single hose connection to the gas fitting to start measuring. The auto-start option is an important tool for leaks in small systems with a rapid pressure drop.

Versatile, quick and professional: In addition to the testing of gas pipelines, the Dräger P7-TD is also able to conduct measurements on water pipelines as well as pressure measurements of up to 0.1 MPa (1 bar) with air. An external 25 bar (2.5 MPa) sensor is available for water testing.

  • Serviceability according to TRGI 2018
  • Leak testing with air on gas, liquefied petroleum gas and drinking water installations according to DVGW TRGI 2018, Bulletin ZVSHK
  • Leak testing with arbitrary pressure ranges, transient response and measurement times
  • Load test with air per DVGW TRGI 2018, bulletin ZVSHK
  • Drinking water system testing with water per DIN EN 806 with external high pressure sensor
  • Pressure and leak tests to 0.1 MPa (1 bar). Accuracy class 1 external high pressure sensors available for pressure and leak testing up to 2.5 MPa (25 bar).

The Dräger P7-TD carries out pressure and leak testing up to 0.1 MPa (1 bar), optionally to 0.35 MPa (3.5 bar), or 2.5 MPa (25 bar).

Ensures ultimate mobility and instant access to all current measurement data. You can download the Dräger mCon app immediately here.

Available for download here.

Dräger mCon App

Intelligent measurement data management

Become one with your measurement! With our app Dräger mCon you always have your office with you and can easily manage your measurement data. Simply download it free of charge from the App Store or Google Play and get started digitally.


Your product in a measurement package

Our measurement devices are also available as a package together with all accessories in a practical case.

The Dräger P7-TD Set includes:

  • Dräger P7-TD Pressure and leak tester
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Power supply unit
  • USB cable
  • 2 burner pressure hoses
  • High pressure hose
  • Low pressure hose
  • Pump adapter 10 bar
  • 1/2“ adapter
  • Manual pump
  • PC software
  • Case

Item No.: 56 03 092