Dräger P7-TD and P7-TDX. The new professionals for gas and water.

What makes a professional pressure instrument today? It must be easy to use and perform all tasks in the field of pressure and tightness measurements reliably, precisely and quickly. This is exactly what a powerful Dräger P7-TD and P7-TDX professionals offer. For a maximum of performance, the professionals are in clever complete package for relevant and required tests of gas and water pipes.

Flexible use

Depending on version, tests at gas pipes up to 1 bar or up to 3 bar can be carried out in next to no time. Optional external high-pressure sensors up to 25 bar enable further important measurements. And thanks to the comparison leak method, the user can easily master the leak rate measurement without removing the gas meter and without repumping gas or air.

Unbeatably effective

Clear color displays with touchscreen allow an absolutely intuitive and easy operation. The integrated help function, standardly equipment with Bluetooth LE, a shock- and impact-resistant housing and the professional Dräger PC software make measurements easier and safer at the same time.

If it has to go fast

If a usability test is not to be performed directly the Dräger P7-TDX can also perform an abbreviated preliminary test. Here, too, the leakage rate is determined.

Pressure monitor for monitoring exceptional pressure gradients

In the event of extraordinary pressure fluctuations in a system, these can be measured and monitored over a longer period of time using the Dräger P7-TDX. For this purpose all pressure fluctuations are logged for a rating.

The Dräger P7-TDX also performs ambient pressure- and temperature-corrected long-term measurements up to 48 hours.

Both devices are DVGW approved.

Practical test P7-TDX

Measuring without compromise:
Why the P7-TDX does its job more successfully.

Working with gas involves dangers. That´s why users need instruments that are easy to control like an extended arm and that are absolutely reliable like a good colleague. And, of course, always working fully functional. Like out Dräger P7-TDX for pressure, tightness and leak rate measurements. Tim Gleiß, owner of Heizung Sanitär Gleiß in Herdecke, Germany, has tested our new device and tells us why it is a real guarantor of success.

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