40 Years Dräger MSI GbmH

We celebrate round birthday!

All over the world, people associate the name Dräger with technology for life - and products that provide safety in many professions. As a subsidiary of the international Dräger Group, Dräger MSI GmbH specializes in high-performance measuring devices for exhaust gas, pressure and leakage measurement - and has been driving progress at the Hagen site for 40 years. Dräger technology "Made in Germany" is used primarily in the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning trade. But chimney sweeps, industry and mining also rely on the measuring technology from the South Westphalians, who have always followed a common claim: "With our solutions for exhaust gas analysis as well as air conditioning and pressure measurement technology, we bear a great responsibility, both for our customers and for their customers," emphasizes Bernd Korthaus, Managing Director at Dräger MSI. "That's why it's not enough for us to simply be good. We want to be better, and a little more every day."

For experts. By experts.

As environmental protection requirements became increasingly stringent for companies in the 1980s, it became clear that the necessary emission measurement technology was almost prohibitively expensive for many companies. What was needed were inexpensive, mobile systems that could be deployed quickly, but at the same time had to comply with legal regulations and meet the required measurement accuracies. The founding of MSI Elektronik GmbH in 1983 marked the birth of Dräger MSI. By developing portable multi-channel measuring devices based on electro-chemical sensors, MSI Elektronik GmbH very quickly became one of the leading suppliers in this market segment, and by 1987 was already a subsidiary of the long-established Dräger Group from Lübeck. At the beginning of the 1990s, the engineers succeeded in developing the MSI 5600, a stationary measuring system that continuously monitored emissions from incineration plants and met the strict requirements of the TA-Luft (TA = Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control). At the same time, the further tightening of the exhaust gas regulations for small combustion plants created the need to provide pocket-sized measuring instruments that had to be easy to operate on the one hand, but on the other hand had to be fully-fledged analysis units. With the MSI 150 product line, MSI Elektronik GmbH quickly made a name for itself and advanced to become one of the most successful manufacturers of measuring instruments in the area of the 1st BImSchV, which regulates the operation of small and medium-sized combustion plants in Germany. The market success of Dräger MSI products is also due to the fact that close cooperation with customers is always at the forefront of the design process. After all, they are experts in what they do - so Dräger MSI GmbH has to be too. With Dräger MSI, you therefore choose not just a product, but a partnership.

Keeping an eye on progress year after year

Another milestone in the company's history was marked in 1994 by the development of the MSI 5104, which measured gas concentrations with an optical infrared sensor. By dispensing with moving parts, an almost unlimited service life and low follow-up costs were achieved. Even the smallest concentrations in the room air were reliably detected. With the long-term stability of this principle, the MSI 5104 enabled automatic operation, without operation or control by the operator. In 1996, Dräger MSI then launched the MSI Compact, a portable system with all the essentials compactly and conveniently stowed in a case, especially for complex measurement tasks on larger combustion plants. Using various versions, it was possible to measure air and room temperature, oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide, as well as nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide. The built-in pressure sensor also enabled differential pressure measurement, while the printer, which was also integrated, documented all measurement data. Finally, the MSI 5003 gas analyzer developed in 1997 was able to monitor three exhaust gas components simultaneously, namely oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide. In addition, the stationary multi-channel measuring device determined the exhaust gas temperature, the combustion air temperature, the efficiency and the excess air. The MSI 5003 was installed in a sturdy wall-mounted housing that housed the analysis unit with LC display, the gas feed and dryer pump, the condensate separator with peristaltic pump, and the particulate filter. The system could be opened by a simple handle to ensure quick access to fuses and particle filter.

Successful development

Innovation and progressive thinking continue to shape development in the noughties of the new millennium. MSI Elektronik GmbH became Dräger Safety MSI in 2005 and finally Dräger MSI GmbH in 2011 - a wholly owned subsidiary of Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA. The highlight of this eventful phase: the introduction of the P7 - the star, or one could also say: an eierlegende Wollmilchsau, which is still being developed today and continuously. In 2007, the robust, versatile measuring instrument came onto the market and quickly made work easier for the HVAC trade. Thanks to its unique comparative leak method, leak measurement can still be carried out quickly and effortlessly today. All that is required is a single-hose connection and the powerful MSI-Profi. The Dräger P7 thus clearly reflects the Dräger MSI credo, namely that the best safety must always also be extremely simple. This principle is also reflected in all other measuring devices with which Dräger MSI inspires its customers today. For example, the FG4500 exhaust gas measuring device scores with its extremely robust and compact design, making it one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. The smart and well-structured device software enables intuitive operation via touchscreen, which means that service and maintenance work on gas and combustion systems can be carried out professionally in no time at all. In the field of pressure and tightness measurement, the counterpart to the FG4500 is the PX4500, which also offers high performance in pocket format. In addition to manual pressure measurement and leak testing, the device contains, for example, predefined programs for frequently performed tests on natural gas lines, liquid gas lines and drinking water installations. The measuring device detects leaks in new or existing piping systems fully automatically, thus offering maximum safety. Dräger MSI's bestsellers also include the FG7500 exhaust gas measuring device. The color touch screen can be operated intuitively. A plug-in system with bayonet lock ensures easy handling and quick replacement of the exhaust gas probes. In addition, the FG 7500 becomes an "office-to-go" with an associated app. Data can be transferred from the measuring device to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and the measurement reports can be sent as a PDF.

Made in Hagen. For enthusiastic customers worldwide.

All measuring devices are developed, built and maintained in Hagen - so to speak Made in Germany from A to Z. With around 50 employees, Dräger MSI GmbH is rather a small site in the world of Dräger, but very agile thanks to its lean structures. Worldwide, Dräger employs more than 15,000 people. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, the family-owned company is now in its fifth generation and has developed into a listed group represented in over 190 countries around the world. In around 50 countries, Dräger is also there for its customers directly on site with its own sales and service companies. "We are proud of what we have achieved as a team over the last 40 years and will continue to go about our work with a zest for action and plenty of heart and soul," says Managing Director Bernd Korthaus, setting the course. "After all, with Dräger, our customers rely exclusively on receiving products that stand for innovation and often far exceed the required standards of their industry. And we only succeed in this because we as a team are always thinking ahead - then, now and in the future." Contact